A Year of Dates : November 2011

As promised, here's my first post about Dan and I's "Year of Dates".  For November, Dan picked an "Out and About" date. Here is what we did!

Paint Your Own Pottery 

For this date we drove to a place in our city called "You are the Potter".  When you get there you get to pick out the piece of pottery you want to paint, paint it however you like, and then they put it in the kiln to finish it off!  For this date we each picked out the piece of pottery we wanted and then gave it to the other person to paint. We were there for almost 3 hours painting!  We each picked out a coffee mug.

After we were done painting we went to our favorite pizza place for dinner... JACKOMOS. It was a long wait, but well worth it.  Once we were seated we ordered our favorite appetizer, spinach artichoke bites, and pizza, half shrimp scampi/half chicken pesto!  All of it was super good!

I thought this date was very fun and enjoyable!  We each had a great time painting our pottery and chatting while we did. Dan mentioned several times how much fun he had and they we need to do that stuff more often. All together I think our first date for the year was a success.  We'll see what the next ones bring :)

I'll leave you with how each of our mugs turned out...

I decorated Dan's mug as a "Doodle Dad" mug with paw prints all over!!!  Awesome huh?

Dan decorated mine in a variety of my favorite colors!  Love it!

And that was our first date in our Year of Dates! 

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Melissa said...

I love it! A year of dates, I might have to introduce this idea to my husband (I'll be sure to credit you as my source, haha)