Blonde to Brown

I did it!  I got my hair dyed to brown.  The goal is to get it back to my natural color (whatever that is). I have been highlighting it for so long I have no idea what my real hair looks like.  My hair stylist said that she dyed it one shade darker because you have to take into account the fading.  She said this color should fade into my natural nicely.  And going blonde to brown you have to been careful because your hair could turn out an ashy green. YIKES!  It is a little darker than what I was picturing, but I'm okay with it.  My hairstylist said that we will probably have to dye it once more to get the color to stick because the highlights will gradually start coming through... I think they already are a tad bit.

When I sent this picture to Dan his response was "HOLY COW!"  I'm not sure he is a fan.

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