New Year... Clean House!

Dan got off work an hour earlier than usual which was nice for a change! I was happy to get to ring in the New Year with him since usually it's spent either with Remington, friends or family because he's working and dealing with the crazies :)

I love spending the New Year with Dan because we are so much alike.  We are not party animals and truly enjoy just spending time at home watching movies in our PJ's.  Maybe we like it so much because we hardly ever actually get to be home together!

Enough about our boring New Year... what's most important is my house is finally clean! The biggest thing I wanted to get accomplished over break was to clean and organize my house really well before I went back to work.  However, you know how it is when you're on break... you turn into a super lazy person that just wants to lay around reading and watching TV for hours on end. Or is that just me??

Anyways, I tackled the house in sections... first it was organizing and purging the closets and cabinets!  Three bags of my clothes were sent to Goodwill after this process! Dan was annoyed :)

Then it was on to each of the rooms... and we're talking I cleaned them super crazy good!!! Dan thinks I'm super crazy when I start cleaning like this!!!

And Remington absolutely HATES it!

"Mom... I'm just gonna hang out under here for a while!!!"

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year and is ready to head back to work tomorrow!  I'm sure not!


Sweet_Southern_Comfort said...

Ceiling fans are the most important things to clean because the dust accumulates and keeps going back into the air! I tell my husband this all the time & he thinks Im crazy when I climb on the bed/tables/etc to clean the fans ;) Glad your husband got off work early!!

Anonymous said...

Lol! Love that one of you with the champagne! And the pic of your pup with his head under the bed... hilarious!! I hope you two had a nice holiday! :)

And thanks for the encouragement on opening an Etsy shop! It's still a lot to think about, but it's always nice feel encouraged! :)