Thankful Thursday (Letting Go)

Today I'm thankful for the ability to let go!

There are days when some things and some people REALLY get to me. It honestly takes me a long time to reach my breaking point, but recently I have discovered that I have reached it with certain situations. I've finally decided that some of the people that are stressing me out and some of the situations that really raise my blood pressure are not worth my time.... not worth it one little bit...

So... I'm choosing to let go... let go of the anger, stress, and hostility that I feel... let go of the worry, the amount of energy it takes to feel this way, and the people and situations that make my life and relationships struggle. I'm thankful that I have the ability to choose to let go and live the way I'm suppose to.


belinda said...

Somehow I found your blog while looking for info about anal gland removal- I read your dairy detailing the post-operative stages of Rem's operation- sometimes with tears in my eyes !!! Thank you so much for writing this - I have an almost 3 years old cockapoo whom I adore - and he has had anal glad problems forever !! Luckily it is only the right gland not working- we have tried every conventional and natural treatment there is and now face the decision of whether or not to operate. I would really appreciate your feedback - you have been through all of this. How is Remmington doing now- is he fully recovered and has he had any complications ??? Also can I say that he is absolutely gorgeous - he looks alot like my cockapoo Freddie !!!!!! Have a great day ( PS : I live in London UK - ,if I lived in the US I would be asking for your surgeons name because they sound lovely !!!)

The Rhoton Family said...


Was not sure how to contact you, so I hope you check back on this blog to see my response.

First, I'm very sorry you are having to deal with this. I know how stressful it can be when you have to make a decision like this. I hope I can ease your mind by saying that I have heard not every dog has as difficult of a recovery as what Remington did. I have heard some get through it like nothing ever happened.

After we did the surgery I said I would never do this again on another dog. The recovery for Remington was really really hard on him and us... but now that all of that is over I can tell you it was worth all the money we spent, pain, tears, everything! Remington recovered fully and without any complications at all. He is so much happier and it is nice that we don't have to visit that vet every 2 weeks anymore.

For us the hardest part was to decide if doing the surgery was right for Remington and I'm sure you are struggling with the same thoughts. This is the advice I would give you. You have been struggling with the issues for almost 3 years... Freddie unfortuately is probably in pain and uncomfortable... and he is young still. What pushed us to do the surgery was when our vet said that Remington had a full life ahead of him and to live that life dealing with anal gland issues was not a good quality of life for him to live. If I were you, I would do the surgery. You will be giving Freddie 10+ years of a anal gland free life and you won't be stressing over it anymore either.

Lastly, when you look for a surgeon to do the surgery... look into ones that specialize in soft tissue surgery. That is what we did. I wanted a surgeon that had done many of these surgeries before, but their are few of them out there since it is a rare surgery to preform. If they specialize in soft tissue surgeries I would say this helps your chance for a good outcome.

If you have any other questions or concerns you can email me at I'm happy to help and give you any pointers or tips :) Best of luck!