Well, Dan was informed yesterday evening that at the beginning of January he will be bumped from working third shift (which we love) and moved to seconds (which I absolutely hate).  Even though it probably doesn't seem like a big deal to most people... I'm beyond upset!

When Dan first started working where he is now he was on second shift and it was a nightmare for us as a couple. We never got to see each other and often times I felt like I was juggling everything. Nights I would work late, I would have to book it home to feed and let the dog outside, then book it back to work to be with my Phonathon students during their shifts. I would eat dinner by myself most nights, watch our favorite TV shows by myself, and just pretty much live with and talk to the dog. It got pretty lonely.

When he was switched to third shift a year ago it was like the best thing ever!!! When I had to work late he would be there to take care of things at home, we could eat dinner together, walk the dog together, watch our shows together, and just be a normal married couple.

The thought of him being back on second shift again seriously makes me want to cry. It's gonna be another rough year for us and I'm not looking forward to it... AT ALL! We are in hopes that some more people will be hired on at the first of the year or possibly some people retiring and it will get him switched back to thirds. Everyone wish really hard that this happens :)


Sweet_Southern_Comfort said...

Oh no! I feel your pain. I hate 2nd shift. My husband is on 2nd shift now for a month and I absolutely HATE it. I never see him!!! I have a feeling my husband will be on permanent 2nd shift as well with their new department changes :( Hang in there- maybe he will get it switched back. Praying for you and sending you hugs! xoxo

Wife in Blue said...

I am right there with both of you! My hubby is on 2nd shift right now as part of FTO. It's definitely worse than nights. :( Hang in there...you're not alone! Praying for you!