Lessons in Lifting

This past week Roarke FINALLY started to lift his head a lot during tummy time. I was beginning to get a little worried because I knew this milestone should be taking place, but it just hadn't been happening. I tried to be patient since I know all kids do things at their own pace, but our 4 month check up is coming up soon and I didn't want to have to tell the doctor he hadn't done this yet. I'm predicting that Roarke will also begin to roll over very soon. He did this at about 1 month old but hasn't since and the doctor thought that it was probably just an accident since it was so early on. Even though I absolutely love to see Roarke learning to do new things and becoming stronger and stronger... I also find myself tearing up daily because my baby is disappearing. I never would have thought I could love a tiny human as much as I do him!

"Well, hi Mom!"

"I call this my superman!"

"And this is my working hard face!"

"Mom just can't believe what a big boy I am!"

I'm sure from here on out there will be a rapid occurrence of milestones taking place. When people tell you that they just don't stay little long, boy are they right, I feel like I blinked and time was gone. So thankful that I have been able to spend almost every moment with him. I'm so blessed!

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