Week #18


Weight: 12lbs 12oz

Length: 25 1/2 inches

4 Month Checkup: During this checkup we discussed Roarke starting the teething process and how to relieve some of the symptoms. I definitely think we are starting this as Roarke is not sleeping great at night anymore and is very fussy during the daytime. I asked about some rough skin that he has developed around his knee and elbow areas which the doctor said is just baby eczema. I am putting a combination of lotion and vaseline on it to clear it up. We also talked about starting Roarke on cereal and how I can tell when he is ready for it. I would definitely say he has interest in us when we are eating our dinners, but I would like for him to be sitting up a little bit better on his own before we start in on that adventure.

Super excited to see Dr Hodson!

Post Shots: Roarke recieved another round of shots and took them like a champ! He cried for only maybe a few seconds and then was happy as a lark for the rest of the evening :)

Roarke doesn't hardly look like a baby anymore, but instead a little boy. I swear I put him to bed at night and by morning he looks different and bigger than when I saw him the night before. Roarke loves bath time, being in the baby wrap, and going on long walks with Remi. He has mastered lifting his head, rolling over (both ways), and sitting up in his big boy chair. He smiles constantly and has the best little giggle. He has definitely discovered his hands and feet and I see him concentrating on them often. He doesn't nap much during the day, maybe only three 45 minute to an hour naps, but he has started sleeping completely through the night (I don't even wake him up to feed). This is nice for him, but I still get up to pump or else I would be miserable by morning. He still loves reading and looking at books, but also loves listen to music and having Mommy and Daddy sing along with it even though we don't have good voices at all. He is just so much fun!


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