Family Photo Chaos

I felt like when I told my photographer that I wanted family pictures done this year she was a tad horrified because it would entail photographing a 5 month old baby and a overly excitable dog. But she took on the challenge without any complaints.

Before we went for pictures Roarke took a 3 hour nap and ate a good meal so he was good to go. However, what I should have done to prepare Remington for the shoot is take him on a long walk beforehand to chill him out a bit. He was completely crazy most of the time we were trying for pictures. My photographer also said that I was her biggest problem to take pictures of because I was constantly scolding Remington and looking at Roarke trying to keep his hands out of his mouth... Oops!

I left the session with the thought that if we came away with one good picture of the four of us together I would be happy. However, when I got the pictures I was pleasantly surprised. I was really happy with them, especially the ones that included Remington ;)

Below are some of my favorites!

  Looking forward to printing them our and sharing them with family :)

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