Week #22


The next time we go back to the doctor will be in December so no updated stats for you. However, lots has been going on with the Roarke-a-nator lately. He is growing up way too fast that is for sure. Roarke is such a happy little boy and takes almost every situation he is put into in stride. He LOVES being outside or going new places and is absolutely content when doing so for the most part. There is never a morning when I get up with him that he isn't ALL smiles! He is a roll over monster and seriously could make his way across the room just by doing so. He also has recently really started to enjoy standing up (with help of course) and will stamp his feet like he is determined to go somewhere. He has not started on foods yet, not because he doesn't want to, but more like because I'm not ready to yet. We did recently try out his high chair and he seemed to be a fan. He is still teething and going through growth spurts every now and again which causes some bad nights of sleep for the both of us, but for the most part he is a great sleeper. The newest thing he likes to do is suck on his toes and can be found doing so mostly after bath time. Books and music continue to be one of his favorite things and I can always count on using one of those to calm him down if he is crying. Him and Remington still get along just fine, but I wonder how the dynamic will change once Roarke is mobile. YIKES! Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for just how blessed we are!


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