Birthdays, Belly Laughs, and Being a Bum!

Let me tell you... I have been slacking on the blogging lately! After all our family Christmas' were over with, it was all I could do to get things unpacked, organized, holiday decorations taken down, laundry done, and the house cleaned up! I just now am feeling like I can catch my breath and get caught up on other things. PHEW! You would think that because I stay home all day everyday that I would have things under control more, but some little boy makes accomplishing things take ten times longer (and I wouldn't have it any other way).

So what has been going on with us lately? Well, this past weekend was Roarke's cousin Mae's first birthday! That is hard to believe! So we loaded things up and headed over to celebrate!

Roarke arrived to the party just before Mae was getting ready to have her cake (he was napping in the car). I don't think he quite understood why she was just in a diaper and he was dressed in layers :)

Roarke and Great Grandma Saxman enjoying the festivities together.

Roarke loved Redwood! I think we may have succeeded in our boy being a dog person ;)

What a sweet picture of Roarke with Gramps... and then he spit up ALL over him! I tell you it never fails that when my Dad holds Roarke this happens :) HAHA!

Roarke and Mae enjoying Mae's gifts!


Legos rule!

Besides birthdays, Dan and I have just been enjoying our little boy. Lately, Roarke has been cracking Dan and I up. His personality is the very BEST! He is soooo easy going and just plain happy most of the time! HORRAY he is taking after his father! Dan and I have been talking about how he gives us "belly laughs"... like laughing so hard at him he makes our bellies hurt! It is like this unexplainable feeling of joy being around him. Never thought I would feel that way about a kid ;) Here are some pictures that "belly laughs were involved!

We had a weight check with the doctor this week... look at this happy fellow!

Daddy tickling him is the best!

Even getting clean is fun!

Roarke drinking his morning coffee... haha!

So besides spending time with family, taking care of a baby, and cooking/cleaning I have been kind of a bum. You have probably noticed that I have not been running at all lately! YIKES! I had all these grand plans that with the start of the New Year I was going to get serious about losing the 10 pounds that I'm still holding onto from pregnancy, but yeah, it kind of turned out the complete opposite. With the weather turning cold finally I have instead hunkered down in my nice warm home. O'well... there will be time for all that right.

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