Christmas 2015

Christmas was different this year with a six month old baby in the house. Christmas was never much of a big deal for Dan and I, but obviously times have changed and its much more fun with a little one around. Here is our Christmas recap in a few words and lots of pictures!

Roarke got a jumper from his Grams and Gramps! That gummy smile says it all about how he feels about it :)

My dad picked out this special book for Roarke. It features Farmer "Fowler" and all his farm machines! The perfect gift for Roarke from my Dad!

What do you do when you have a baby and want to eat Christmas dinner with the family? Make him the centerpiece on the table of course! "Get me some ham Mom!"

Roarke and his cousin Mae! They are about 6 months apart in age! Sweetness overload!

After Christmas in P-town with my side of the family we headed to Ohio to celebrate with Dan's side!

Of course Roarke was quite busy with his cousins. I had to laugh at how he seemed to just take in everything that they did :)

So many people love him like crazy! Its nice to see and feel from everyone.

Roarke will grow up with two very different types of families I have decided after the holidays together. My family is pretty small and things are very low key most of the time. Dan's family on the other hand is very big and things get pretty crazy when they are all together. He'll have the best of both worlds :)

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