Retired Therapy Dog

I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time now, but just never seemed to get around to it. As many of you know, Remington has been a Therapy Dog for almost two years. Once Roarke was born we both took a bit of a break from doing visits at the nursing home until we both adjusted to a new baby.

I wouldn't say that Remington adjusted badly to having a baby around, but he has definitely struggled with it. As time has progressed I have noticed more and more jealously come out in Remington. He started to become extremely clingy to me and during our Therapy Dog visits I noticed that he was losing interest in visiting with the residents and just pretty much wanted my attention at all times. Then one evening during a visit he snapped at an employee for no reason at all and I knew it was no longer in mine or Remington's best interest to do visits anymore... I just couldn't take the chance of him biting someone.

Not being able to go visit our residents every week was a hard adjustment for us and it was really heartbreaking for me to not be able to volunteer with Paws and Think in that way anymore. But what is more important than Remington being a good Therapy Dog is that Remington is a good family dog... and that is what we are focusing on now. 

Remington continues to develop his relationship with Roarke and Dan and I continue to make sure that we give Remington the attention and love that he is use to. But it is a learning experience for all of us, especially as Roarke becomes more and more mobile. Not only does Remington have to learn to be more tolerant and patient, but I also have to make sure to teach Roarke the proper way to treat dogs.

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