Week #31


We have a doctor appointment coming up next week to get a weight check done, but our guess right now is that Roarke is weighing 14.6 lbs. I'm not really sure what his length is, but I swear he is getting bigger :) Roarke is eating a lot more at each feeding now which is between 7-10 ounces. This is a great thing, but I haven't been able to keep up by just breastfeeding alone so we have been supplementing formula to make up for it. He also eats baby food twice a day and LOVES almost anything we give him to try. His favorite is a banana/avocado mixture and also sweet potatoes. But he absolutely HATES peas! Roarke loves to army crawl around and get into things I would rather him not. He is basically sitting up on his own, but I do keep and eye on him because he at times loses his balance and wipes out. His jumper is by far his favorite thing at the moment and he will jump and entertain himself while I get things done around the house. Roarke's personality is the very best. There is never a morning that he doesn't have a huge smile on his face. He laughs constantly. He loves to be tickled and kissed. And he is sooooo easy going! He is a pro at sleeping... boy can that boy sleep! I usually get lucky enough to have him sleep 13-14 hours straight every night! What a blessing! I asked Dan what his favorite thing was about Roarke right now and he commented that he loves how everyday is a new adventure with him. Roarke is changing so fast and you just don't know what he might learn new each day. He is such a joy and I have to constantly remind myself to soak up everything about him!


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