Week #39


Weight: 16 lbs 7 oz

Height: 26 1/2 inches

Head Size: 18 inches

9 month check up: With Dan switching to 1st shift meant that I would be taking Roarke to his appointment by myself this week. It wasn't a huge deal. Roarke and I go places just the two of us quite often, but man I missed having Dan there to help with all the juggling. When we got to the doctors office I went into high germ alert mode. It was packed with people coughing, kids holding puke buckets, people with masks on! Uhhhhgggggg.... I'm not usually too concerned about germs or what not, but I took Roarke to the farthest corner to try to keep him away from any floating pathogens. The appointment went well. R-man is gaining weight well and growing. He is only in the 5th percentile, but the doctor said it was nothing to worry about and he is probably just gonna be a little fella. He is hitting most of his milestones... sitting up on his own, pulling up on things, saying Dada, etc. They asked if he was clapping and waving yet (which he isn't)... so we are working on that now. No shots this appointment which is always a good thing. Doctor said he just seems to be a happy growing boy! Yay for that!

"Let's hit the road Mom!"

In terms of daily life, Roarke is no longer breastfeeding. I'm hardly producing milk anymore and he is too busy to concentrate on breastfeeding for long. Personally, I'm fine with it. I actually feel like I have my life back which is nice. I do have a supply of breastmilk stored up so he will be able to have some of that daily, plus formula. He is now sitting up all by himself and can balance himself nicely so I don't worry about him falling over. We had to lower his crib this past week because he started to pull himself up. It won't be long before he is toddling around. YIKES! Roarke in now majorly into the interactive toys. Anything that moves, makes sounds, has things you can flip/turn/crank! Our house looks like a giant toy box and is full of constant noise. Remi is exhausted and takes full advantage of the times when Roarke is napping for sleep and cuddles with Dan and myself. Roarke loves to click his tongue and have other people do it back to him. He baby talks in these loud high pitch voices. We love being outside in the nicer weather and talking about things we see. He is my little adventure buddy and I have been enjoying showing him the world around him.


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