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genius786 said...

Written very well thanx for Sharing Best Diet plan for Weight Loss

A Healthier Me said...

Hi! I am 5'1' and beginning weight was 169 pounds. I had been having physical health issues with fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease and was in a car accident 2013. Since the car accident injuries I have not been able to excersize and have suffered from depression and packed on the pounds. (38 pounds in 2 years) My daughter has had a great input to our families healthy eating habits. Two months has past with our clean and healthy eating and I have dropped 11 pounds. I feel better. I ran across the Military Diet plan on Facebook. My thoughts were heck for 3 days I could eat this food. Although I dont drink coffee or tea, I figured I could do it for two days to follow this plan. My starting weight is 157. Today is....Day One!
Day one I ate the breakfast and I feel so full! I am excited to see the results at the end of day 3. Will keep posting updates. Thanks for the great information on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I kind of messed up on my diet. sometimes instead of eating eggs I would eat a slice of cheese and 5 crackers or half a grapefruit and I still lost 7 pounds .probably all water weight. I don't care what critics say thats is the best I ever. I felt drained tired overly exhausted, always hungry! this is a diet I feel you will have to constantly work on something that you would have to do every week for the results to really work! it's a diet that your body really has to get used to. I don't give a rats ass what other people say or the inventor of this diet says..the weight that you lose is only water is diet the reason this diet works is because you put your body in starvation mode. it is called the military diet because in the military they go days and days on little food to train their body because sometimes when there in battle they may not have enough food.I feel the diet would be more effective if you're a person that likes to work out a lot. but if you really think about it why do you think the children in Ethiopia look like they're so fat? it's because they go days and days without foourso what little food they do have in our system their body stores up and says oh my god I'm going into starvation mode I have to live off of this little bit of food to survive. causing them to have a low metabolism. they store of all those calories and because of their low metabolism they can't burn it off is quick. I wouldn't recommend this diet 2 people. because I know it's mainly water weight that you're losing. when you go back to eating regularly you're just going to pack on the pounds! if you really want the results to work you have to really focus on what you eat the three days that you were off this diet. yeah to go out and eat a hamburger. But make sure for breakfast you eat a boiled egg and for dinner a lot of vegetables and a little slice of meat. you're still watching your carb. why don't they say Oh by the way you can only eat .1000 calories on the days that you are not on the diet that would make more sense.!!!