Thankful Thursday (Dogs)

It's no secret that I love my dog, but I'm also extremely thankful for dogs in general. I think they help point out to us humans the important things we need to be doing in life such as...

Stopping to smell the roses

Not taking life too seriously

Taking naps whenever we want

Remembering to forgive and forget

Getting our exercise

Giving out love like it's going out of style

Enjoying food

.... and LIVING!

To often us humans forget what life is really all about... but I think if we take a look at dogs they can remind us what is truly important... and that is to live our lives to the best of our abilities.

Remington is always able to point out to me that it is the little things that matter... not the homework, job, or cleaning the house. It's the 5 mile long walks, eating junk food at times, or acting crazy with friends that matter :)

I'm thankful that God created dogs to point that all out to us!

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