Shin Splints

... they have reared their ugly heads again. I worried that they would make an appearance with my recent half marathon training and without fail they did.

Right now they aren't unbearable. I have been nursing them every night after I run with hour long bouts of icing. This makes them feel almost 100% better. I also have been doing Stretch X, which is an hour long video from the P90X series twice a week if possible as well as my regular stretching. This seems to help as well.

I haven't had to deal with shin splints much since my high school cheerleading days. I always have made sure to progress in my running slowly to make sure I don't get them. I think that going from zero miles to 14 miles a week might have something to do with my problem. Hopefully I can keep things at bay for a little while and maybe they'll disappear soon.

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Stephanie, Matt, Hendrix, and Jameson said...

Ouch! I've had them more than once and they are NOT fun. I'm sure you're not supposed to just run through them, but that's what I did both times and they eventually went away on their own. Hope they go away soon for you!