Mileage and CrossFit Monday

Running stats and CrossFit WOD's for the week of September 23rd - September 29th... I started off the week pretty good with my running and CrossFit workouts... but by mid to late week life got in the way as usual. We have been dealing with some health issues with Remington lately that caused me to need to monitor him pretty closely... so of course, me being the over protective dog mom I am, that meant cuddling him to death every hour of every day :) Here's to the start of a new week and better health!

Monday, September 23rd, 2013 - Ran 4.1 miles around campus

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 - Warm up : PVC cleans & squats / Strength : max effort clean/jerk (70#) & max effort front squat (75#) / WOD : 10 minute AMRAP (9 dead lifts (45#), 6 hang cleans (45#), 3 push jerks (45#)... 6 rounds + 9 dead lifts

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 - Ran 4.1 miles around campus

Thursday, September 26th, 2013 - REST DAY!

Friday, September 27th, 2013 - REST DAY!

Saturday, September 28th, 2013 - REST DAY!

Sunday, September 29th, 2013 - REST DAY!

Total miles ran this week : 8.2 miles

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