Unexpected Reminder...

Leaving my job at UIndy was extremely hard. The people I worked with there were my second family and it was very scary to leave all that I knew and loved for the unknown that had presented itself in front of me. 

And even though the opportunity to work with the aging population was exactly what I wanted to do, there were days (and still are) that I second guessed my decision... where I was thinking to myself... "What have I done?!?!"

But then there are those unexpected reminders that come from out of no where. Those times that you know you are making a difference. One of these moments happened to me last week when one of my favorite residents was being discharged from rehab. 

Remington and I had developed a close relationship with him right away and we always made an extra special effort to see him and give him the extra attention and the "puppy love" he needed. The day before he left our community I received this note from him and his family...

Words cannot even express how much this note touched my heart. Every doubt that I had been experiencing for the past several months disappeared and I knew I was right where I needed to be. The note was an unexpected... but much needed reminder of why this new job is a perfect fit for me. I will keep this note always so I never forget again :) I am so blessed to love not only my past UIndy co-workers, but get an entire new family at Aspen Trace to love as well.

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