My Decision to be a SAHM

It took Dan and I a long time before we were able to get pregnant, but during the time we were trying we had many conversations about how we would handle having a child. Both of our work schedules had been kind of crazy since we started our careers... especially Dan's... and we just never could figure out how we would juggle our work schedules with a baby. And since neither of us had close family that lived nearby we knew that our child would be in daycare during the weekdays and we would even need someone to watch him or her some evenings, weekends, and holidays with little to no notice. YIKES! Good luck finding someone able to do that. Plus, a daycare in the Indy area would have taken pretty much my entire paycheck to pay for. We knew that if we were to have a family then things would be changing drastically in our household... and they did.

So when we finally did become pregnant we quickly decided to see if we could live off one income. Every paycheck I received went directly into our savings and we totally lived off Dan's income. We did this for my entire pregnancy. So, by the time I needed to make my decision on whether to continue to work or stay home with our baby we knew that we could survive off just Dan's income if we changed our lifestyle a bit. Plus, we had a nice savings racked up from 10 months of not using my income at all. 

You see where this is all going right?  It wasn't a hard decision. I put in a 2 month notice at work to give my employer more than enough time to find my replacement and started planning for the hardest but most rewarding job I'll ever have. Being able to stay home (at least for a while) was the greatest gift Dan could have ever given me. Even though I have moments where I just need to get out of the house for a little while, I continue to thank my husband daily for making it possible for me to be with our son everyday and getting to watch him grow up before my eyes. It isn't a lifestyle that everyone would choose or want... and that is okay... but it is the lifestyle that we decided on and I'm so glad we did. 

I am so very blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the SAHM club!!! Roarke is a beautiful little boy and congrats!! So happy to see you are doing so well.
Kala Thomas