Week #4


Weight: 8 lbs 6 oz

Length: 21 1/2 inches

Nicknames: Mellow Fellow, Roarke-a-nator, Hungry Hippo, Squirm Worm

Monthly Check Up: Doctor said he is a perfectly happy and healthy little boy. Commented on how easy going and mellow he is. Next month we get the dreaded shots. Not looking forward to that :(

Roarke loves his paci or as my Dad calls it, his "fooler". Both Remi and him are obsessed with one another... Remi cannot get close enough to him. He is eating like a champ! I don't know why I ever worried about breastfeeding... glad he came out a pro. He is sleeping through the night, except for when I have to wake him up for feedings. Roarke loves to study faces and new surroundings. I love watching him scrunch his face up in concentration. He is holding his head up more and more, especially during burp time. Speaking of burping... Roarke is not a big fan of this and we definitely struggle to get good ones out every time. He also isn't a fan of tummy time, but does tolerate it. People comment on how big his feet are, what long toes he has, and how cute his pout is! 


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