Rollin' with Roarke

Seriously... just over a month old and he learns to do this? Roarke you are growing up too fast already!

Dan and I are loving watching Roarke learn new things and explore the world around him. We are doing our best to present items to him that will help him develop along the way. I was reading that from birth to 3 years old a child's brain is 3 times more active than a normal adults as it soaks up tons of new information about the world around them. Dan and I have been giving Roarke music to listen to, reading books to him, giving him new items to look at and explore, and we talk to him a lot. Hopefully doing some of these things will help him in his future.

I'm not gonna lie though, I was a little surprised when he rolled over this week! The doctor said he could learn to do this at any time, but I wasn't expecting it quite yet. It's so fun to watch him grow.

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