Baby Food 101

When you first have a baby you don't really grasp how much the little booger eats. You start off with probably 8-10 feedings every 24 hours. Then they gradually start sleeping through the night so you drop down to 6-8 feedings a day... but you still are pumping during the nights because your body is continuing to produce all that milk. Then when the baby starts eating solids you drop down to 4-6 bottle/nursing feedings a day, 2 solid feedings a day, and you continue to pump. So... your life revolves around food food food and making sure that little one is full and happy!

So for the past few months we have been adventuring into the world of baby food. I always had plans that I would make all of Roarke's baby food. The main reason I wanted to take the task on is because it is so much more cost effective than buying it. I can make a huge batch of food for pennies compared to what I would spend at the store. Now that I have been making the food for a while I also like the fact that I know exactly what is going into Roarke's little body! I won't be able to have that kind of control for very long so I have enjoyed knowing that he is eating meals without all the added stuff they put in store bought food.

Making Roarke's food can be a little time consuming depending on what you are making. So far we have giving him every fruit and veggie you can think of almost and I have ventured into making pureed meats. Ewwwww! Roarke has been a little trooper when it comes to trying new things and he definitely is a fan of food in general! So things around our house don't last all that long.

So basically you take whatever you are making and throw it into a blender, mix it which breastmilk or water, and blend until it is in puree form. Then you spoon the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze for 24 hours.

After that time is up you pop the little cubes of food out into a ziplock bag and label with the name of the food and the date they were made since the food will only keep for 3 months.

Then when your little one is ready to eat you take the cubes out and heat them up in the microwave and serve them up. Just make sure that it isn't too hot. Roarke usually eats 4 cubes which is about 4 oz of food.

Just this week we started giving Roarke some Gerber Puffs and he LOVES them! I wanted to start with these since they practically dissolve right when they hit your mouth. I have a feeling that my baby food making days are almost over with and we might be moving on to little bits of finger foods. I personally enjoy watching Roarke pick up and eat the puffs because it keeps him busy and happy while I do other things. 

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