Windy Weekend

Dan, Roarke, Remi, and myself went to P-town to visit my parents this past weekend. It is always nice to go there to expose Roarke to traveling, new places, new faces, new experiences. The weather was extremely nice for February, but boy oh boy was it windy out! Any time we have weather that is 50 degrees on more I try to make a point to get Roarke and Remi outside to enjoy it since I know fresh air does everyone good :) 

Recently, Dan and I created the Roarke-mobile which is basically a shoebox with a rope tied to it. We pull Roarke around the house in it and he absolutely loves it and keeps him entertained! My Mom and Dad thought that Roarke would probably enjoy a wagon ride outside since he likes being pulled around so much. So my Dad broke out his 50 year old wagon... you think I'm joking... I'm not... and we all went outside! My parents have a long long long driveway so we would pull Roarke up and down the driveway. In all seriousness, Dan, my parents, and I probably enjoyed it more than Roarke.

We also took Roarke to church with us. We have brought him with us before, but he was super little then and pretty much slept through the service. Now that he is older it is MUCH more difficult to keep him happy and occupied. I knew that he probably would not be able to last throughout the entire service, but it is so good for him to get out and experience new situations and lots of new people. Once he started getting fussy, Dan took him out and they explored the church together.

First stop, some singing and piano playing :)

Second stop, making sure that all the animals made it safely onto Noah's Ark!

It was a fun weekend spent with each other. We are looking forward to many more since Dan is starting a new chapter in his career soon... more on that in an upcoming post!

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