It is no secret that Dan and I have somewhat of an unconventional marriage. During the early years when we both were working lots of long hours it would be surprising if we got to see each other a few hours a week because of our wacky schedules. Once Roarke came along and I started staying home time together got better, but it was still much less than a normal married couple with Dan working nights, sleeping during the day, and his rotating days off. I knew that if the opportunity came to switch shifts then he would probably take it mostly to be more present during Roarke's life. Recently, a position opened up on Dan's department for a detective. These kind of opportunities don't present themselves often so Dan was excited to apply for this promotion in his career.

We are happy to announce that Dan got the job as a detective with his department which is super exciting news for our family. Not only does it take him off the road (out of dangerous situations), but it also puts him on day shift, he has all holidays off, and the weekends off!!! Don't get me wrong there will be MANY times that he is on call and will be called out unexpectedly on a case for 8-12 hours at a time, but we are looking forward to a more positive change in our family dynamic with him being on a more normal schedule. I told Dan that we won't know what to do when we start seeing each other more!! But the most important part of this change is that Roarke will get to have his Daddy around more and they can enjoy their relationship together. Congratulations Dan! You are our hero for more reasons than one!

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