Exploring Greenfield

We moved to a little town called Wilkinson. Population... 456! Main attractions... the liquor store, post office, and church... oh and Suzy's Pizza! We have neighbors, but mostly the houses are surrounded my farmland! There are two other towns that are the same distance away from us... Greenfield and New Castle. I somewhat know my way around New Castle since I grew up pretty close to it, but Greenfield is a different story. So when Dan's parents came to visit we decided to take a trip and explore our new surroundings!

Truly there wasn't that much to see in the small town, but I immediately loved it because it reminded me of my own hometown. We visited the tiny farmers market, little antique stores, boutiques, Mom and Pop shops, parks, etc. The weather was lovely and we had good company.

The beautiful Greenfield Courthouse! My favorite!

Stopped by a Veterans Memorial Park!

Bruce, Roarke and Dan in front of the Greenfield Line!

Will I venture down that way often... probably not. But it was fun to see what Greenfield has to offer! Plus! Pam bought some homemade apple butter at the farmers market and Roarke is now obsessed with it. We obviously will have to go back to purchase some other flavors!

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