Friends! I have returned! I seriously never meant to be absent from the blog for an entire month! Between moving, getting settled in, watching R-Man grow, and keeping up with chores around the Homestead... time slipped away from me. Get ready for an overload of posts as I catch up!

So to begin with... moving day came and went without much of a hiccup. My parents came down to watch Roarke while several of Dan's work friends pitched in and did the heavy lifting. Surprisingly no major disasters happened! Roarke slept the entire time stuff was being moved in and nothing was broken! PHEW! When the day came to an end I looked out my window and took in the beauty of the moment. We had arrived!

I had grand plans to be completely unpacked and stuff organized before the weekend was over... but the sad fact is that it took me pretty much a full two weeks to feel like I had that under control. I still have curtains and pictures to hang, but for the most part I feel like our house is a home.

So far we have been living here for a little under a month and every night Dan and I talk about how much we love it. Yes... it is challenging with more housework and a TON more outside work than we had at the other house, but it is SOOOOO worth it! 

Even after 3 hours of trimming 7 acres of paddock fence posts! LORDY I still love it here!

I feel like R-man adjusted quickly to the house and his room. He is little enough that stuff like that doesn't phase him much as long an he has his own bed to sleep in. Remi on the other hand has definitely struggled. I even became emotional on moving day thinking about Remi not understanding that he would never return to the house he grew up in. But as time has passed I feel like he is settling in. He has claimed his spot around the house in several places and that helps me realize he is getting back to normal. 

Other good news to share! We put our house up for sale and within 2 days on the market we accepted an offer that was almost full ask and all cash! Even though inspections and appraisals still need to go through we feel thankful to hopefully say goodbye to it by the end of the month. Sadly, a company bought it that will rent it out. I didn't really want that to happen since I feel like renters in the area don't take care of their properties, but it is what it is. I just wish a family would have bought it instead.

Well friends... more posts to come of the fun we have been having coming up soon! Blog soon!

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