Roarke's 1st Haircut!

When it comes to Dan and his monthly haircuts... well he does them himself. He breaks out his clippers and buzz buzz... the hair falls off! I have been DYING to cut Roarke's hair. It drove me crazy how long it was getting and starting to curl out in all directions. I always had plans to do it ourselves because come on... like I would pay to have a 1 year olds hair cut! So just like his Daddy out came the clippers and soon my sweet baby was transformed into a little boy!

Roarke was a little trooper up until the end. And really the only reason I think he ended up crying was because he was getting restless sitting in the chair. Doesn't he look so grown up now! And I know what you are wondering... did I save a piece of his hair? Seriously... does that sound like something this Mom would do? Nope! It was swept up and thrown out into the backyard for the birds to use to make their nest with!

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