90th Birthday Celebration!

This past weekend we celebrated my Grandma's 90th Birthday with a huge party in her honor! We invited over 100 people! I was pretty nervous about how to really plan for that many people plus food, but it all turned out perfect and I think my Grandma enjoyed herself very much!  As usual she was the life of the party!

Here is Grandma's cake

Table decorations... all with hand cut leaves... right Mom?

Some Halloween Prezel Poppers!

Can't do a 90th Birthday Party without some old photos!

Here's my party planning posse!

And the world's best hubby!

For Grandma's present everyone who came included a memory that they had of her. I put all these memories together and presented her with a book at her party.  She really liked it I think. 

Picture with the cake!

And then the people started rolling in! Let the festivities begin!

We took a lot of pictures huh?

By the end of the party Grandma was getting a little annoyed with Dan the photographer!

It was a good party. Grandma got to see a lot of family and friends that she hasn't seen for a long time. I got to meet a lot of people that I didn't know. 

I know Grandma was a little upset that we did this for her, but honestly I wouldn't have had it any other way.  She has done so much for us her whole life, this was the way I could give back to her just a little bit.

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma! You are one of the biggest loves of my life.

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