I Feel Like a Real Runner

It's pretty sad that I had to get an injury to make me feel like a real runner... but I actually feel like one now. You see, now I feel like I'm a hardcore runner because those people get injured!! WOOT! I must admit I have learned a lot in the few short weeks that I have been dealing with my IT Band issues that will hopefully benefit me during my life as a "real" runner! Here they are...

1. Sometimes you just have to give in and see a doctor

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I refuse to see a doctor unless I'm dying. This is how my husband knows I'm in real pain because I finally gave in to go to one. I'm especially lucky that I have one who is my actual friend and who I know only wants the best for me! Doctors aren't all bad, even the ones who give you bruises.

(P.S. This picture makes me what to cut my hair off)

2. Drugs are good for you (come on, you know what I mean)

For the most part I'm totally against any types of meds when it comes to pain. I want to know what I'm really feeling like and not have pain meds just mask my symptoms. However, recently pain meds have enabled me to sleep and get a little relief this week. Praise the Lord for that!

3. Ice every second of every day

I have been icing icing icing! Especially during my work hours when I'm sitting around. I have no shame that I'm 29 years old and can hardly walk right now! Icing my IT Bands not only numbs my pain but it is suppose to reduce my inflammation and I need both to happen.

4) Foam rollers are my new best friend

Who would have thought something that makes you want to cry would make you feel so dang good afterward. This orange beauty will be with me throughout my future running years! I pledge to never finish a run without giving a little attention to this new friend of mine!

5) Stairs can be a mortal enemy

The past 2 weeks I have cursed the stairs... the two flights in my building at work and the one flight in my home! I'm not less of a person because I sometimes have to crawl up them on my hands and knees or scoot down them on my butt. Whatever gets me through my day....

6) Cross training is important

Once I decided to run this half marathon I pretty much stopped doing any type of cross training so I could focus my energy on getting my runs in. This probably wasn't the best idea because it caused me to lose strength in my core and elsewhere. I fear this probably had something to do with my IT Band flare up.  

7) You must let go of control sometimes

I am not the one in control anymore and it absolutely is driving me insane. I can't do what I want to when I want to do it. I am so frustrated that by the end of the day I can't help but scream!!! Being the control freak that I am... this has been the most difficult to deal with. I have to give in and rest when I don't want to.

In the words of Juan Pablo... "It's okay!" HA!

"Real" Runners Rule!

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