Mileage Monday

Running stats for the week of March 10th - March 16th... my legs are a mess. Like I told you last week, I rested them for an entire week after I began experiencing horrible pain in my knees. On Monday I decided to give running a try. I made it through 4 miles, but hurt pretty badly at the beginning of the run and afterwards I could hardly walk. Later that night I was up all night long because I was in so much pain. After a little of convincing I called a PT friend of mine to see what was going on. The PT said that it was definitely my IT Bands and I had a ton of scar tissue built up in there. She gave me several things to do... stretches, ice, exercises, and foam rolling. She also scraped my muscles to break up the scar tissue, which was one of the most painful things I have experienced. I was literally screaming with tears running down my face during the process. The day after my appointment my legs looked like this...

They had bruised up pretty badly, but I was feeling a little better. I decided to take another full week off of running to see if I could get my IT Bands under control. I'm very frustrated at this point with how I'm feeling even after another week of rest. My knees are very tender and I'm still having pain, however it isn't as bad as it was. I have to go back to the PT on Friday to have another muscle scraping done, which I'm not looking forward too at all! I'm going back and forth with whether I should try out a few miles this week. The PT said that running will not hurt anything, its more if I can withstand the pain I'm in....

Monday, March 10th, 2014 - Ran 4.1 miles around UIndy's campus

Tuesday, March 11th - Sunday March 16th, 2014 - REST DAY!

Total miles ran this week : 4.1 miles

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Stephanie said...

Gah - that looks like torture! Don't know if I could go through with it.