Mileage Monday

Running update for the week of March 24th - March 30th... this was a week of complete rest for my legs. I did not do a darn thing, which was probably a good idea. After PT last week I continued to hurt while walking and going up and down steps. I was feeling pretty depressed because I didn't seem to be getting any better, but on Wednesday I finally started walking without hardly any pain. Thank goodness!!! I went to my PT appointment on Friday feeling anxious but hopeful. I received another scraping treatment, stretches, and did a short run on the treadmill with little to no pain at all. YAY! Before I left my PT did an ionization treatment on both knees. It is similar to receiving a Cortisone shot, but without the damaging side effects.

Basically, she put these two sticky patches on my knees where I have been having the pain. She then attached a battery packet to them and I left them on for 2 hours. During that time it feels like hundreds of tiny bee stings all over that area. The treatment injects medication into the area and is suppose to reduce any inflammation that is still lingering.

It was a very uncomfortable 2 hours as well as later that night. However, I'm really hoping it completely clears up any issues I'm having. My PT instructed me to start running again. First time I do just a mile. If I don't experience any issues then I can increase my runs by one more mile each time. I also no longer have to go to the PT unless the pain starts creeping up again!

I'm very much looking forward to running again. It has been almost an entire month with very little activity. I have found myself dreaming of running, which tells me I'm missing it badly. I'm going to take things very slowly. I plan to slow my pace way down on these first couple of runs just to see how things go. Let's hope I'm on the upswing and I can start training again for my Half!

Total miles ran this week : 0 miles

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