30 Before 30 - Advance in my Career

As I'm sure some of you have noticed... I haven't been doing great with my 30 Before 30. Cooking, reading for fun, running... they haven't been happening. The demands of life have literally taken over. But, the list is never far from my mind as I continue to strive toward some of my biggest goals. Two of those are intimately connected... getting my Masters in Gerontology degree and advancing in my career. I always figured that the degree would come first and then a new job, but life is full of surprises. 

I am happy to announce that I have accepted the position as Life Enrichment Director of Assisted Living at Aspen Trace, a new senior living facility in the area. I will be in charge of carrying out programs and therapeutic activities designed to meet the needs and interests of the residents in assisted living and enhance their functional abilities and self-esteem.

After being in my current position for almost six years this is an exciting change, but I have to admit that I'm extremely nervous about leaving everything I have known... my friends, co-workers, students, etc. However, this change is what I have been working toward for so long and what I'm most passionate about. Also, I'll have the opportunity to bring Remington to work with me... and you just can't beat that!

Time to check "advance in my career" off my 30 Before 30 List!

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Stephanie said...

Congratulations - that's awesome!!