NRA Convention Weekend

This weekend was the National Rifle Association Convention in Indianapolis and over 70,000 NRA members were expected to attend. My husband, being a police officer, is a huge gun enthusiast so of course this was an exciting weekend for him. Because of this, him and my Dad made plans to have an entire weekend playing with guns.

The first stop was Dad and Dan going to a private range to do a little shooting.

Dad shooting Dan's Glock 19

Here is the AR15

I swear they are two peas in a pod!

The next day we all went down to the Convention to check things out. I really cannot even begin to tell you the huge amount of people that were down there. It was crazy! And there were so many exhibits that you could have spent a full three days and not seen everything. I didn't understand what a lot of stuff was, but it was an interesting experience.

The pictures I took were kind of random. Like I said, I had no clue what a lot of stuff was, so I just took pictures of stuff I thought were cool.

Shotgun that fires 7 rounds at a time...

A giant safe! This would be like Dan's dream safe, but we would have to purchase it and then build a house around it because it was literally HUGE!

A professional gun engraver... pretty cool.

It was a pretty busy weekend, but I feel like Dan and my Dad enjoyed it. Mom and I were just kind of along for the ride, but it was still fun.

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