Life @ LPD - SWAT Training

The second big event that was going on during the month of April was SWAT Training. Yes, my husband decided to schedule two weeks of training back to back. The nerve :) So once again I was scrambling around that week with all the crazy things he had going on.

Here is a play by play of how his week went...

Monday: They worked on manual door breaching and room/building clearing techniques.

Tuesday: They were at several different shooting ranges at Camp Atterbury. They shot both their handguns and patrol rifles and also stationary and pop up targets.

Wednesday: They did less lethal munitions and chemical agent munitions.

Thursday: They did more techniques of building and room clearing then went to an abandoned building and did breaching, room clearings, and mock scenarios.

Friday: They has ballistic shield training and learned several different shooting positions and shot from behind the shield with their handguns and rifles. Also, they practiced officer down rescues with two shields and a rescue team.

Unfortunately this training was pretty intense and there was not time for him to take pictures for my blog! Again... what was he thinking :) I'll leave you instead with a group picture from his Sniper Training the week before. You can click on the pic for a larger view :)

Thankfully, I think we are finished up with all his craziness for a while!

Now that SWAT Training is over with Dan is able to be on full active duty for the team. It's a good thing too, because the week after this training they had an unexpected call out. Being married to Dan sure makes life interesting.

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