Remington's Rundown

Hey Doodle Lovers! It's Remington Bear here!

There has been a lot going on lately, but Mom has been so busy she hasn't had time to help with write up my blog post! 

I have been keeping very busy with my Therapy Dog visits and I absolutely love them! Every Thursday at 6:30 in the evening I go do visits at assisted living, long term care, and the memory care unit at Greenwood Village South. Everyone there really likes me and gives me lots of snuggles and treats when I visit.

I usually do my visits with my buddy Bella! She is a medium sized doodle and lives close to me. We are hoping to get together this summer for some play dates outside of our work time together. I secretly have a little crush on her!

Sometimes dogs from other organizations besides Paws and Think come to do visits with us. This is Cubby who works with ICAN! We did a visit together this past week and had a fabulous time! In this picture we are patiently waiting to enter a room for our visit together.

Another big event that took place is that I had my yearly check up at the vet. Mom was a little worried about my visit since I had two lumps she was a little concerned about, but the vet told us they were just fatty tissue and nothing to worry about. I weighed in at 73 lbs, my teeth are still fresh and clean, and all other aspects of the exam checked out perfectly! HOORAY for having that completed for another year.

"Let's get out of here Mom!"

Last weekend Grams and Gramps came to visit! I hadn't seen them in quite some time so I soaked up as much love as possible from them while they were here with us!

"Grams... I'm gonna lay on top of you so you can't go anywhere!" Have I mentioned how much I love seeing Grams and Gramps!

PHEW! That was a lot to catch you up on huh? 

I'm beat!

Time to sign off... WIGGLES!

~Remington Bear~

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