P-town & Ohio Baby Showers

After I had the baby shower with my residents at Aspen Trace, I had two other beautiful showers. One with the Fowler side of the family in P-town and the other one with the Rhoton side of the family in Ohio.

First, the P-town shower. Sadly, I don't have nearly as many pictures of this shower as I do the Ohio one. Obviously, I wasn't thinking.


Me and the cake...

Three generations of moms! My Grandma Saxman, me, and my Mom.

My P-town shower was very nice and low key, just as requested. I am so thankful for all the people that came to show their support and love for Baby Rhoton already. 

Remi could not believe all the baby goodies we got! He thought they all were for him :)

Then the week after that shower I had my shower in Ohio with Dan's side of the family. Once again it was super nice and we felt so blessed with all the family and friends that attended.

Dan and I... 37 weeks pregnant.

Blue and pink cupcakes!

Miss Mallory and I

Table settings... and Mallory :)

The kiddos... (from left to right) Gavin, Elliott, Alex, and Mallory

Lizzie and I

Alex, Boo, me and Dawn

Mallory, Ali, Elliott, me, and Bryce

My sister-in-law Ali and I

Dan and I with his parents, Bruce and Pam!

Even though I'm not the "party" type, both showers were really nice and I enjoyed myself very much.  Baby Rhoton got a lot of nice things and we actually feel as prepared as we possibly can at this point in time. BIG thank you to everyone who has thought of us along the way during this exciting and scary time in our lives!! We are blessed beyond words!

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