Remington's Health

At the end of last week Dan and I could both tell something was going on with Remington. For the past few months he just hasn't been himself. It seemed like there was something constantly going on with his legs even though he hadn't done anything out of the ordinary to hurt them. One evening when he came back inside from going potty Dan barely touched him and Remington started screaming in pain, ran away from us, and did not want us to touch him again. After that happened I was convinced it was time to get him to the vet.

We saw a new vet that had just entered the practice we take Remington too. He did a very close exam on Remington since he had never seen him before and this is what we were told. In terms of Remington's legs... all his joints are fine, but when pressure was applied to his toe bones on each foot Remington displayed an extreme amount of discomfort. The vet said there is no way to know what exactly is causing this without x-rays which we plan to have done in the upcoming weeks to see if we can diagnose the issue. The vet gave us pain medication and told us to keep Remi as quiet as possible until we know more. I'm guessing that if the x-rays don't show anything then blood tests will be what is next.

Also, during the check up the vet discovered that the muscle mass in Remington's jaw bone and temple area is not as developed and strong as it should be. He believes this could be caused by an autoimmune disease which attacks the muscles. This would eventually cause him to no longer be able to open his mouth at all... it isn't to this point yet... but we need to keep an eye on it closely. This disease might also be related to the toe problems.

So basically we just need to have more tests ran to figure out exactly what is going on with our sweet Remi. The pain meds seem to be helping some and make him very tired, but Remington is still showing resistance in wanting to go up and down the stairs, jumping up on the bed, and having his feet touched in general. I posted what was going on in my Goldendoodle Facebook group and several people wondered if Remington might be suffering with Lyme disease? I really don't know and am looking forward to getting answers in the upcoming weeks. I will keep everyone updated as we find out more.

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