Week #13


We don't go back to the doctor until next month so I don't have any stats to post for you. As far as everything else goes, Roarke is doing great! He is becoming so alert and I am loving that we are getting a lot of interaction from him everyday. He is lifting his head more and more during tummy time, but still has not mastered being able to roll over yet. He smiles for us almost constantly and likes to tell us what he's thinking by cooing. As you saw in my last post he is grabbing objects and almost everything he wants to put into his mouth. Part of our nighttime routine is reading books and I am shocked each time how interested he seems in them. I know he doesn't understand what I'm saying, but the pictures intrigue him I suppose. I read somewhere that parents who read to their children ensure that their kids will have 300+ vocabulary compared to parents who don't. So even though it might seem silly to some our story time in the evenings has definitely become one of my favorite times of day.

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