Remington's Health

It just dawned on me that I never updated you all on what ended up happening with our sweet Remington. Don't get too excited... it was pretty uneventful and frustrating.

We took Remington into the vet bright and early for x-rays and I got a call from the doctor much later in the afternoon with the findings. The vet explained to me that Remington was confined to a crate before he was put under and during that time he had chewed his feet, hip, and tail area to the point that they were bleeding. Lovely. They put him under for the x-rays and found nothing wrong with his feet at all, but took a good look at his paws and believed he was probably suffering from allergies. This was pretty frustrating for me to hear because when we took him in earlier in the week to have him checked we specifically asked if it could be allergies because he always gets them really bad around this time of year. The vet assured us it wasn't and that x-rays were necessary... Hmmmm...

Long story short Remi is healthy and all joints and bones are fine... he just gets VERY bad allergies around this time of year. So $400 later... we got a nail trim and a diagnosis that we already knew! Ridiculous. But... what can I say, we did what we thought was best at the time and thats all we can do. I'm just thankful it ended up being nothing serious and we have our sweet Remi safe and sound back at home with us.

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, and good vibes that were sent our way!

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