Thankful Thursday (Gym)

Today I'm thankful for my gym membership. The weather is getting chilly around here and if you know me, I don't do temperatures below 60 degrees. Because of that I have not been wanting to spend much time outside. I more so want to snuggle up in my warm bed... with my fuzzy doodle!

I've been thinking about how I'm going to stay in shape this winter. Usually during this season I gain about 10-15 lbs because I go into hibernation mode (eat & sleep). This year I'm going to strive to use my gym more and not put on that extra poundage.

Awww... nothing beats purple treadmills!

I actually hate running on treadmills with a passion... but in the winter time it is a necessary evil. If I can keep my base running level at around 12-15 miles per week I'll be happy and ready to hit the sidewalks come Spring! Now I just have to stick to that commitment which is a whole different challenge.

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