Remington's Rundown

 Hey Doodle Lovers! It's Remington Bear here!

Something exciting happened this week! I got a baby brother for a day! Here's the story...

So Mom was coming back from lunch on Wednesday and spotted a little ball of fuzz curled up beside the building she works at. At first she thought it was dryer lint. But on further inspection Mom discovered it was a tiny little gray dog!!!

Mom couldn't just leave him there so she had some people at work help her scoop the little guy up. He was scared, tired, and very thin! My Mom and a friend took the dog to PetSmart to see if he was micro-chipped. She really wanted to find his family. She always tells me that she can't imagine losing me and the person who found me not doing everything in their power to reunite us. Sadly, no micro-chip for this little fella. So for the rest of the afternoon the little dog hung out with Mom in her office.

 He was very dirty and full of mats! YIKES! I wonder how long he had been out in the elements.

Poor guy was pooped so he took a snooze on Mom's office floor.

 What a face! Mom decided to name him Lint since that is what she thought he was when she first saw him :)

Towards the end of the afternoon Mom contacted someone at the University who has a neighborhood email list in hopes of contacting the dogs owner. She didn't think this little guy could have gotten far. Mom decided to bring Lint home for the night to give the owners some time to contact her.

When Mom brought this new dog home I thought I had hit the jack pot! I always kind of wanted a little brother!!!  But Dad told me it was only temporary that Lint was going to stay with us... BUMMER!

Lint was a HOT MESS when he got to our house! His fur was really matted and he had burrs and stuff all stuck in his hair! I felt really bad for him because I know how I feel when I haven't had a bath in a while and that he must feel 10 times worse!

Mom and Dad got to work on him right away. They spent 1-2 hours cutting out all the mats and miscellaneous items from his hair. Mom was upset that she couldn't get EVERYTHING out! Some places were so matted that she wasn't sure if it was a mat or dog part.

This was all the hair Mom and Dad cut off Lint!

Mom and Dad really wanted to give Lint a bath but he was sooooo tired by this point they decided to let him rest.

But first, it was time to get some food in his little belly! Some people at Mom's work donated some small breed dog food for Lint to eat... Lord knows I'm not a small dog so my food wouldn't do.

Eat Lint Eat!!!

Hungry Guy!

I kind of really liked Lint!

As you can see... Lint made himself right at home. Go to sleep Lint, I'll watch over you.

When the next day came no one had contacted Mom about Lint. So Mom went to work in hopes that she could find him a good home. Finally, at the end of the day Dad told me that Lint had found a new home. I was sad to see him go, but knew it was time for him to start his new life with his new family.

Here he is back at Mom's work getting ready to go to his new home!

Safe travels Lint! We'll miss you!

Later that night Mom got some text messages showing her how Lint was doing and how he was liking his new Mom.

I'm pretty certain that Lint won the lottery with this home! Doesn't he look so happy! And we are so happy for you!!!

P.S. Lint is now known as Jackie :)


Taylor B. said...

Awww...I wouldn't have been able to give him up!

blonde81714 said...

He is sooo sweet! I really want a sibling for the Milt - bad!