Boys Weekend, Vacation, and Family Visits

Dan and I have been planning all sorts of fun activities for this summer, which is very unlike us since we are total homebodies...


A person who likes to stay at home, esp. one who is perceived as unadventurous.

In our eyes, this year we went a little crazy on our trip taking. YIKES! We have three trips planned that we are pretty excited about!

Trip #1: Dan is doing a "boys weekend" with a bunch of his buddies from high school. They are staying up by Lake Michigan since it is the half way point to meet for all of them. They ended up renting a pretty nice lake house for a couple of days. I'm really not sure what they plan to do. Probably want guys do best... drink beer, eat, drink beer, fish, and drink more beer! Sounds like fun. Remi and I are going to have our own special Mom/Dog time together while their gone.

Trip #2: This is our Nashville vacation that I am beyond excited about. Yeah... I know it isn't anything insanely fun like a cruise, but it is a week of together time with just Dan, Remi, and I. I'm telling you... life doesn't get better than that and it is time that is hard to come by these days. I have been scoping out all the things I wanna do while we are there and places I wanna eat! There are also a lot of dog friendly places in that area, which is heaven on earth to me :)

Trip #3: Surprise! We are taking a trip out to Arizona to visit Dan's parents (they live half the year out there) and his brother's family! Dan hasn't been out that way in almost 4 years and I haven't been out there in 3 years! We have hesitated on going because flights were so expensive, but we ran across some tickets that the price just couldn't be beat! I'm super excited to get to spend time with my nieces, Hannah and Blakely, and my nephew, Max! They are all growing up so fast and Dan and I have missed out so much on their lives.

I'm definitely looking forward to our trips and I'm sure you'll get to read all about it as the summer progresses!


Taylor B. said...

When are you going to Nashville??? We might have to have an Addie/Remington play date! Let me know if you need any suggestions (like Las Paletas for the world's best popsicles!)

The Rhoton Family said...

Taylor, I didn't think you guys lived very close to there?

Sweet_Southern_Comfort said...

Sounds like soooo much fun! :) Ya'll have an awesome summer to look forward to!