CHOMPS Energy Chews

Once again I have been looking into different types of "fuel" to take on my long runs and just runs in general. If you recall, last year I tried out the GU Energy Gels. They weren't bad, but I just couldn't get use to the consistency... YUCK! Anyways... I recently invested in some Chomp Energy Chews and I LOVE them!

I got a box of the Cranberry Apple with Caffeine.

One serving size is 4 chews and they are only 90 calories!

I was a little surprised how BIG the chews turned out to be...

They are monster size!

On my long runs I just felt completely wiped out after mile six... and then exhausted when I was completely finished with the run. I knew that I probably needed to start taking in some sort of calories to help me out. I love these because they seriously gave me a bolt of energy during and even after my run! I was definitely pleased!

I see why they call them energy chews... they are definitely chewy!

I will definitely be carrying some with me during the Mini Marathon this May :)

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