First Attempt at Running Gels: GU Tri-Berry

I finally tried my first ever running energy gel.  I have been very nervous about taking one of these.  I have heard good things about them as well as bad.  People have told me they don't do their long runs without these and that they love the feeling of getting that second wind from them.  However, I've also heard that the gels can cause cramping and a very upset stomach on runs. EKKK!  I have kind of a sensitive stomach so this was my biggest fear in trying it.

The first gel I tried was the GU Tri-Berry.

Taste - this was the first thing I noticed... YUM!  I thought that it tasted pretty darn good!  Much better than I expected!

Consistency - not a big fan.  I've heard most people just take this in one huge gulp, like a shot.  I could not do this.  The gel reminded me of very thick honey.  I had to take it a little at a time.  This didn't necessarily bother me, but I could see how it will hinder my time during a run.

After Taste - after I took this and drank some water to wash it down I could not help but focus on the after taste during the rest of my runs.  I felt like I kept burping up the stuff.  YUCK! For the rest of the night I swear I kept slightly tasting the after effects of the gel.  Not a fan of this.

Energy - this was a little bit disappointing for me... I really didn't feel like it gave me any more energy on my run.  This could be because I'm struggling on runs right now, but I was disappointed not to feel that second wind that so many people speak about.  BUMMER!

Cramping - when I tried the gel mid way through my run I made sure I was not too far from home for the rest of my time running since I was worried about having problems.  Much to my surprise I did not feel any cramping or upset stomach!  YAY!

I still have 2 other gels I'm going to experiment with before my half marathon to see which I like best.  I'll make sure to do post on the next ones as well! So far I would say I'm not real impressed.

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