Kicking the Coffee

Coffee... not sure if that is exactly what you would call my morning drink of choice. You see I tend to add a lot of cream and a lot of sugar!  And... I have a special relationship with McDonald's McCafe Carmel Mocha Lattes. Yes, that is pretty much all I drink. However, I do still consider this coffee and it has become a habit I want to kick! My reasons to kick the habit may be few, but they hold great consequences to me.

Reason #1 : I'm starting to not be able to function on those weekday mornings that I don't have my coffee.  Maybe function isn't the word I'm looking for... it's more like I'm not myself.  I'm grumpy (Dan would say I'm this everyday), sleepy, and pretty much would rather not talk to anyone until at least 10:00 AM.  I hate the fact that I crave coffee that bad in the mornings, that if I don't get it then it changes my personality. I don't like that!

Reason #2 : This should actually probably be reason #1 since it is the biggest thing on my radar at this point. My daily cups of coffee are slowly but surely staining my teeth!  EKKKKKKKK!  Of course I knew this was a possibility, but I thought that by taking great care of my teeth that it wouldn't have too much of an effect.  WRONG!  Obviously, at this point they aren't too bad, but I don't want to wait and see what will happen to them if I continue my habit!  My parents paid way to much money on braces, retainers, pulled wisdom teeth, etc... for me to throw these pearly whites away on something that tastes good to me!

Reason #3 : The calories in my morning coffee is through the roof!  In a small Carmel Mocha Latte at McDonald's I'm looking at 500 calories! GEEZE!  That is ridiculous! No wonder it is so hard for me to lose the weight I want to!  I'm taking in a whole meal pretty much and I'm not getting any satisfaction from it because they are all empty calories!

Reason #4 : My daily small cup of coffee at McDonald's cost me $2.50.  Yes, this is cheap compared to Starbucks, but it still adds up!  I get a cup five days a week which would add up to $12.50 per week. For a month that would be $50.00!!!  And for a whole year $600! Just think of how much money I could save if I gave it up!!!

I'm not gonna lie... it's gonna be hard.  REAL HARD!  But... I really want to kick this habit not only for me, but for my bad attitude, teeth, belly, and wallet! I'm hoping I can do it!

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Sweet_Southern_Comfort said...

You are brave to kick the coffee habit! We got a Keurig as a "welcome to parenthood" present from my in laws and I am hooked to the brew over ice iced coffee k-cups. They are far better than Starbucks or anywhere else. I got worried about the teeth staining last year before I got pregnant and used Crest Whitestrips and it helped a lot :) As far as kicking the habit- I know how hard it can be since I kicked it while I was pregnant (until I was 7 months along). I was a major crab until I got used to not having coffee every morning. I wish you luck! And thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog! :)