So Over It!

That's right... I'm so over it... so freakin' over it!  Anyone else out there hate school as much as me right now!  As I sit here typing this post, I actually should be doing my GERO homework... but I'll say it again... I'M SO OVER IT!

It seriously depresses me to think that I have been in college for the past eight freakin' years!  I know one day all this studying, assignments, papers, and busy work will be worth it... but let me tell you this... right now, I'm so over it!  Anyone else out there just plain over it?


Sarah said...

I completely know where you're coming from! I graduated high school in 2003 and just barely finished my bachelor's degree in March of this year! It took me a really long time because I kept changing my major, then I switched schools. By my last few quarters of school, I was seriously considering dropping out. I didn't even have an interest in what my major was anymore! My bf helped me push through, and I'm glad I finished. Granted I probably will never use my degree, I'm still glad I finished. Hang in there girl! You'll get through it! When you're finally done, you'll be so glad that you didn't give up!

Oh, and for that bracelet I made, you can get those connector links in a little pack at Michael's for like $2. Hope that helps! :)

Leslie said...

...and all I want to do is go back to school. Although I guess I don't want to go to school AND work.