Beautiful Mum

Remember last Fall, how Dan and I ripped out a boring, stickery, thorn bush that was in front of our house and my Dad replaced it with a little mum???

August 2010

Remember how I was so concerned that this little plant would not make it through the harsh winter?? Well folks, it did... and today it's the most beautiful mum in our neighborhood! Well, maybe it's the only mum in the whole neighborhood, but still... it is gorgeous!

Ewwwww... Ahhhhh...

Look at all those blooms! Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen!?!

Thanks Remington... you're silly!


Sarah said...

Wow! It sure has grown! Great job! I tried to grow some flowers last summer but they eventually died. It was a combination of getting eaten by bugs and not having enough room to replant them into bigger pots. Once I have my own house, I would love to plant a garden!

Sarah said...

Yes! The link up works! Thanks for trying it out! :)