Broken Computer Charger

Even though we look like the best of friends in the below picture, Remington was not on our good side this past week!  Because of my schedule he was crated more than usual leaving him with a ton more energy to spare.

Doesn't Remi look gigantic in this picture!!!

Because of all the extra energy in his blood stream at the moment he has been spending some of his time in the house running around like a wild child. While Remington was romping around the house, he accidentally ripped our computer charger out of our wall and broke it. Lovely...

Broken computer charger...

"Oops... sorry Mom!"

Him romping around the house is nothing new, but this incident was... in his two and a half years of life this has never happened.  I guess he taught us a lesson about having random wires just laying around.  We forgive you Remington, even though to replace this charger it was $85!!!  The things we do for our children. Remington is definitely looking forward a much more normal schedule in the weeks to come!

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