Hiking Malpais Trail... the never ending hike!

So after hiking Goldmine Trail I was hooked and I wanted to do another one... but this time longer! I picked out one called Malpais Trail. Just glancing at the map I thought this would be about a 6 mile trail... oh how wrong I was...

I guess what I miscalculated on was all the little trails you had to take in order to get to Malpais and then back where you started! Oops!

It seriously was the never ending trail... the thought crossed both Dan and I's minds that we might not make it back alive!

One of my favorite pictures :)

Dan in the desert!

Me beside the giant cactus!


So are you ready to know just how long it took us to finish out this hike and exactly how far we went?? We ended up hiking a total of 9 miles and it took us 3 hours and 30 minutes! PHEW! But we didn't die so it was AWESOME!

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